Azerbaijan Marriage Customs

Azerbaijan is a country with many rich and unique relationship traditions. These include henna smearing, bayati dances and grooving. The bride and groom have an proposal ceremony and a wedding ceremony that may be followed by a reception.


In ancient Azerbaijan, a girl can be put through a rigorous tests process before being suggested to by a potential suitor. This was to make certain she a new healthy mind and body. During this process, she’d be asked questions about her character, family history and religion. In addition , the girl’s parents were given their benefits and tips about how to increase their daughter in her upcoming marriage and family.

After the diagnostic tests, the ladies father and mother and her closest relatives consulted with elders and other people of capacity to make sure that this girl was in good health and cheerful. This was a critical step in the matchmaking process and was labelled as ‘approval of this girl’.

The girl’s parents then simply took her to a’matchmaking’ ceremony at the boy’s house. This was a large event and was a moments of joy and celebration. The boy’s family brought an engagement ring, one shawl and many sweets towards the girl.

She then wore a red sash about her stomach to symbolize chastity and innocence. She also received a number of blessings from her parents and her mother-in-law. Then this girl walked three times around a lamp, the symbol of life and health.

Her father and mother gave her advice on how to be a very good wife and a caring mother. That they encouraged her to follow the Islamic teachings and to have a good marital life.

When this girl was old, the girl would be invited to the groom’s label a ‘toy payi’. She was bathed with gifts and given a fresh set of clothes. This was a sign that she was at this point married and able to start her new your life.

After her stay, she was showered with increased gifts such as carpets and kitchenware. This was a representational gesture that she was now beginning her own home and was ready to start siring children.

The wedding themselves is a great celebration that embodies the psychic beliefs belonging to the Azerbaijani traditions. It is a extremely rich and luxurious embodiment with the country’s attitudes.

Guests sign up for the wedding and enjoy traditional food, just like dovgha (yogurt), bozbash (stew), dolma (vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb), and pilaf cooked in milk. The poorer families offered pilaf stuffed with raisins, dried up persimmon or perhaps smoked omul.

Azerbaijan has a volume of unique marriage traditions which were passed down by generation to generation. For instance , the ‘approval of the girl’, the ‘toy payi’ and ‘henna smearing’.

These traditions are a expression of the countrywide family mentality and are an essential part of Azerbaijani culture. Azerbaijani family practices emphasize customer loyalty, mutual take pleasure in, honesty and tolerance.

In addition , these customs are a representation on the country’s solid Islamic customs. Azerbaijan possesses a number of Muslim families that have strong traditions and philosophy. The Islamic religious online dating safety tips beliefs is important to Azerbaijani culture and also its particular people are desperate to preserve that.


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