Apothecary Syrup of Mangalore Chocolate Coconut E Liquid

Apothecary Syrup of Mangalore Chocolate Coconut E Liquid

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Apothecary Tonics

Do you tire of these elixirs and juices that do nothing for you? Do you fear that your senses are failing you, as your vapor no longer tastes as good as it once was? Do you suffer from Snubfoot, Gnashrot, Piotr’s Diagramme, or even Alterian Vein Webbing? Fear not, for the answer lies here, at The Apothecary!

Tonics and Elixirs, Tinctures and Liniments all made from the highest grade ingredients, all carefully formulated to cure the ills of the modern world! Take a look at what we have to offer; you’ll find what you need even if you didn’t know you needed it. The Apothecary is here for you!

And just remember:

“If this tonic doesn’t cure you, the next one surely will!”

*this tonic’s curative properties are not substantiated, and are indeed a complete falsehood.


The Apothecary - Syrup of Mangalore

When the storms roll in and the wind chills the bone, sometimes a little comfort is needed to restore one’s mind. This tonic is based on an ancient recipe from the Far Orient; a boiled and distilled essence of the quiet comfort of rich cocoa, the rich relaxation of tropical tree drupe, and a pinch of love only a mother could bake. A good choice for those suffering anxious complexions and nervous toes.

Size: 30ml
Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Coconut, Cookie
PG/VG Content: 60% PG, 40% VG

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